Steve Schappert, Director
Connecticut Art Gallery
Information from the Connecticut Art Gallery Website:
  • About the Connecticut Art Gallery:  The Connecticut Art Gallery will assist and encourage Connecticut artists. We do this by providing cost-effective brick and mortar as well as an online venue to display and purchase original works of art. Connecticut Real Estate is opening multiple locations throughout the state.  The main gallery is located at 157 E. Main Street, Thomaston, CT.  Main Gallery hours:  Wednesday, Friday & Saturday, 6-10pm.  Free wine and beer - - live acoustic music in the gallery every Wednesday and live music downstairs at Crabby Al's on Friday & Saturday.  Also, if you are at Crabby’s and see the lights on, feel free to stop in.
CLICK HERE to view more of Director Schappert's own creations.
  • About Director Schappert:  Steve Schappert has assisted as many as 550 home buyers per month move all over the world. Schappert has 17 years of experience in real estate and 35 years of experience as a renovation contractor. Schappert has completed over 1200 renovation or decorating projects in 3 states, built a dozen homes, and even shipped a zero energy home to Germany. Schappert has completed over 100 home energy audits and 46 commercial building inspections on property valued over $26,000,000. Steve Schappert, The Connecticut Real Estate broker is a graduate of the Real Estate Institute, an experienced land-use consultant, building analyst, and life insurance broker. Steve Schappert was the featured green building speaker at the National Real Estate Convention in Las Vegas in 2007.